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Panthers Make Intriguing NFL Bet as Newton Hones Passing Game

Cam Newtown might have a year’s worth of experience under his belt heading into his sophomore campaign this year, but that also means that his opponents have a year’s worth of game tape from which to prepare when they play him. Say what you want Ryan Kalil, the Carolina Panthers - although an intriguing choice on the NFL odds - still have a long way to go for their big payout.

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After drawing headlines over the summer when center Kalil guaranteed a Panthers championship, Carolina will be charged with the task of backing it up. It won’t be an easy task, either. According to Bovada’s NFL oddsmakers, the Panthers have just 35/1 odds of winning the Super Bowl.

If Carolina is to succeed in the relatively tough NFC South, they’ll need Newton to pick up where he left off in 2011 despite the increased pressure he’ll face in 2012. The run may not be available as often as it was last year, putting pressure on the young quarterback to hone his passing game.

In addition to veteran Steve Smith downfield, however, the Panthers will return to of their top offensive threats from last year in running backs Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams. The trio (Newton included) makes this team a wild card not to be underestimated. Whether that means a potential championship contender, or not, is up to you.

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