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Sunday's NFL football picks and betting predictions against the spread


Sunday NFL Football Battles

NFL owners have come to their senses bringing back the REAL on field officials. The circus has officially left town, here are Sunday’s NFL Football predictions.

Cleveland at Baltimore

Cleveland and Baltimore meet on Thursday night, and while the Browns are steadily improving, it's difficult to imagine them having much success versus the Ravens' defense. Baltimore by two-plus TDs.

New England at Buffalo
Smarting from their loss to the Ravens, expect the Patriots to take it out on Buffalo this week. Pats by double digits.

Minnesota at Detroit
After their OT loss to Tennessee, and with QB Stafford questionable, Detroit might be vulnerable against Minnesota. The Lions need to toughen up defensively. Detroit by a FG.

Carolina at Atlanta
Carolina visits Atlanta following their debacle against the Giants. Cam Newton is from the Atlanta region and is due for a big game. If the Panthers can control Matt Ryan, they could spring an upset. Panthers by the slimmest of margins.

San Francisco at NY Jets
Another upset victim, the 49ers, take out their frustrations on the offensively-challenged Jets by 10 points. Did someone say Tebow Time?

San Diego at Kansas City
The Chargers are still one-dimensional offensively. Their Week 4 opponent, Kansas City, comes in with some momentum and escapes with another close win.

Tennessee at Houston
Perhaps the class of the AFC, Houston hosts the Titans, and find them tougher than expected, but not enough to prevent them from squeezing out a 3-point victory.

Seattle at St. Louis
Their controversial Monday night win notwithstanding, Seattle's defense is among the league's best. Against the Rams, look for that same "D" to make Sam Bradford's afternoon a forgettable one. Seahawks by a dozen.

Miami at Arizona
The NFL's early-season surprise team welcomes the Dolphins to their desert domain and Arizona, despite inconsistency on offense, escapes with a 6-point win, improving to 4-0.

Oakland at Denver
Peyton Manning will find Oakland's secondary much easier to deal with than recent units. The Broncos are still working on chemistry, but talent and home field get them past the Raiders by a TD.

Cincinnati at Jacksonville
Surprisingly, the Jaguars actually looked like a football team in a win over the Colts, but they come back to earth this week after Cincinnati handles them easily by two TDs.

New Orleans at Green Bay

Whoever loses this game will have a deep hole to climb out of. The Packers will come out snorting fire after their "loss" to Seattle, while the Saints absolutely MUST find some defense. It sounds ludicrous to label a game between two teams with a combined 1-5 W-L mark as "must-see," but it is what it is. Packers by 4 points at home.

Washington at Tampa Bay
RGIII-Mania has cooled somewhat, but 'Skins fans are still expecting miracles. Going against the Buccaneers, expect the 'Skins to open things up. Washington by 2-3 points.

NY Giants at Philadelphia

Philadelphia fans have to be concerned about their turnover-happy Eagles, who finally ran out of luck in Week 3. The Giants, barring the unexpected, should win by double digits.


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